You are a Creative Person

Let your creative mind do the work without consciously being aware of it. Don’t let it overtake you. Leave your ego outside the door. It has no place inside a creative person. It kills the seed before it has the chance to bloom.

Accept responsibility for yourself. Accept failure and defeat. Accept criticism and ridicule. Accept that people will hate you and try to bring you down. Don’t let them. Do what you need to do and let them do what they want to do. They mind, but they don’t matter. Graciously accept support and stoically accept the naysayers.

Don’t get too attached to anything. There can always be a better thing. Especially for a creative person this is true. Cut out words or phrases that you like, if necessary. Do what is necessary.

The same goes for the people in your life. Cut them out, if necessary.

Cut them out, if they don’t support you and surround yourself with people who do.

Cut them out, if they are not good for you and surround yourself with people who are.

Surround yourself with good people. Even if it’s just one person. One person can be more important to you than seven Billion.

Don’t be afraid to ask literary figures for advice. Make them your mentors. They can provide the wisdom of thousands of years. Let them influence you. Let them guide you. Let them help you be the best you. They will never disappoint you. Delve into their words and soak up their knowledge, wisdom and experience. They have been through life in many different ways and eras and circumstances. They will teach you humility, gratitude and understanding. The courage to act will follow. Get different viewpoints. See things from as many perspectives as possible.

Writing is a form of meditation. Your thoughts are focused and sharp. Writing is the wet stone for sharpening your mind.

Don’t stop. Open the valve and let the steam of thoughts and feelings manifest itself on paper like drops of water on a window.  Release what’s inside of you. The world will not be a better place if you don’t.

Creativity, honest creativity, is a rare sight. Show them that it exists. Show them that creativity is inside everyone and it takes but a little courage and no boundaries to express it. All bets are off. Nothing else matters. We are imaginative and creative beings. We are capable of creating, what we’ve already created inside our minds and hearts. It’s the purest and most beautiful form of expression. There is no restriction. There is no limit. The stars are only a milestone amongst many. Don’t let it get taken away from you. Without it a part of humanity dies.

There is a unique stillness inside of you. A unique rest only felt after a creative endeavor. Everything that needed to be expressed is out. Nothing more to add. Nothing left to take away. It is the good rest. Savor it. It won’t last forever. New thoughts, impressions and feelings will flood through the gate and with your guidance the stream will follow the right course and water the fields of those who need it the most. Benefit from it, so that others can do so as well.


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