Let Your Own Light Shine


We comfort ourselves with pretty little lies. Make them our truth. But it can’t be. It leads to an inner conflict with the real truth. A struggle ensues. Denial and anger are fighting alongside those lies.

Our world view is under fire. A threat to our belief. Instead of welcoming new knowledge from which to gain better understanding and new perspectives, we reject it. Strangers are not welcome in a state of ignorance. Pitch forks and torches will drive out anyone who is different. Who thinks differently. Who acts differently. The different ones. The crazy ones. The daredevils. The thinkers. Welcome them, beware of them. They might just change the way we see the world. They might change everything. Be ready. Don’t send them away. Welcome them and listen to what they have to say. Decide whether or not to act upon their wisdom and knowledge. Their words can be poison or it can be the antidote. It can kill us or it can kill our ignorance.

Ignorance will cause us to die without knowing why we lived in the first place.

Directing energy into the wrong channels will fire a beam of hatred, ignorance and bigotry. Oblivious of our own doing. And the flames create a scorching sky, blocking the sun, blocking hope. Not letting love through. It is easier that way. Destroy everything before it has the chance to change a life. To make a difference. To change the course of someone else’s life.

At the very end a moment of clarity. A ray of light will break through a lifetime of clouded ignorance only to reveal the sad remains of an unlived life. A temple destroyed and burned to the ground. Too late to rebuild. It can’t be rebuild. You can’t build upon destruction. Only more rubble and debris will be added onto the never-ending pile. Every destroyed building resembles a dream, an idea never coming to fruition. It’s a ghost town. A personal hell created out of obliviousness. It is the end and a life ends with regrets.

Don’t scorch your sky. Look at it. Marvel at it. Don’t let your life be reduced to one fully lived day. There is more to life than just one perfect day. It only seems perfect, because the rest of them are not.

Create and help others create. Don’t destroy and don’t let others destroy. If you keep creating, you can’t destroy. If you keep destroying, you can’t create.

Let your own light shine upon a marvelous city, where people want to live in. Where they feel welcome, regardless of their origin. Different viewpoints are welcomed in the halls and opinions are discussed with open minds. A change for the better. The common good in mind and only together will this be achieved. The sum is greater than its parts. Encourage outspokenness. Let people be themselves and let them show their true selves. There can only be benefit.

Smiles on the street. Children playing and being raised in understanding and acceptance. They will carry the future into better times. You will find support in every corner of your city. It only depends on how you build it.


1 thought on “Let Your Own Light Shine”

  1. Construction needs destruction! The world is being built on destruction. To create things you need a basic ground to start with. Most artists start their work, because something in them has been or is destructed. In some cases they don’t act consciously. It’s a feeling that they have to do it and they follow their certain feeling to express themselves in their work – like many other people do at work every day. You don’t have to be an artist as well… So, let your own light shine!


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