Lazy Days On The Cayman Islands

You really can’t blame anyone for feeling a little lazy on an island like the Caymans, where everything invites you into a cozy state of idleness. Or as the Italians would say: “Il dolce far niente” – “The sweetness of doing nothing.” Visitors, mostly tourists of course, pay good money to get a refreshing taste of just that sweet nothingness. Even one of the locals I saw this morning was wearing a shirt that said “No. Not today”. And I immediately thought of a quote which says that “tomorrow is always the busiest day of the week.

The weather plays a big role in this, which right now switches between a blue sky with relentless sunshine and tropical storms with spontaneous rain showers. But no matter the conditions, the humidity stays just as overwhelming. After several days it still takes a toll on me and the invitation into this ‘state of idleness’ is ever so alluring.

My body definitely gives me constant signals to accept said invitation and to just stay at home near the pool or at the beach surrounded by its world-famous crystal clear water. My legs for example, which are usually accustomed to long walks through cities and forests and hikes over hills and mountains, feel like as if they have been filled with lead and my movements and breathing become more laborious. But my adventurous spirit commands me to ignore my comfortable excuses and to explore more beaches, to track down more colorful iguanas and to avoid the touristy areas. The more you distance yourself from the latter, the closer you get to the real serene beauty of the numerous beaches. The temperature of the water is so pleasant, that you feel no shiver when you dive headfirst into it.

After a few minutes of swimming in the light blue ocean, even my adventurous spirit finally stays quiet and I doze off on a reclining chair for as long as my body longs for. “Dolce far niente doesn’t sound too bad after all”, my spirit tells me. And who could blame it for thinking and feeling so?


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